Bion Tsang: Ball Hall

Hello Team Bion,

Here for your review are about 80 photographs from our session last week. This shoot was challenging, but I am very pleased with the results. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when reviewing these photographs:.

  1. Because of the nature of the light involved with this shoot, Sarah and I shot in a “bracketed“ manner. That is, we took multiple exposures of each setup on a tripod so that we could “blend” them later. This is especially useful for the shots where you unable to see the background. Do not fret! It’s there! Your job is to choose the expressions you are excited about.

  2. The first image is one that I edited utilizing the above mentioned multiple exposures. I also found a color palette that I am excited about, and I wanted you to see where I am hoping to take final edits. You’ll notice the blues brought out in the floor finding harmony with Bion’s sweater and blazer. Likewise the cello and the hall have a real harmony going.

  3. Although I like this edit, this particular image is not necessarily my favorite (I am fond of the photos where Bion is sitting in particular), it just happens to be the first one I dove in with.

  4. There is various b-roll at the end that I think could round out a package beautifully, giving us ample room for text.

Alright. Please make selections and write down numbers! Thanks!