Blackfeather Vintage Works

Print ready postcard for Blackfeather Vintage Works. Sly, smart, and one-of-a-kind, if you have yet to visit Blackfeather on Austin's Eastside, your vintage makeover awaits.

Blackfeather Postcard.jpg

Texas Music Magazine

Photography: Cover shot of Carrie Rodriguez for Texas Music Magazine - Winter 2016 / Issue 65


Album art design & layout: Somewhere between Warhol and Juarez, Lola is a bold statement that echoes its bilingual content.

Lola Imprint.jpg

Velvet After Feel

Album art photography, design & layout: With an approach echoing that of 1950's - 60's era Blue Note Jazz records, 'Velvet After Feel' plays as smooth as it suggests.


Winged-Key Poster

Poster Design: A limited short run tour poster designed for Carrie Rodriguez. SOLD OUT!

Luz Records

Logo Design: A logo prepared for Luz Records. "Luz,"  Spanish for light.